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Καλώς Ήρθατε στην Liquidpro

35 Χρόνια ο ήχος είναι το πάθος μας


35 Χρόνια ο ήχος είναι το πάθος μας

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Liquid Pro's goal is to equip every professional sound and lighting application with high quality systems while providing full multidimensional support to the professional by implementing a completely new model for the Greek market. It should be emphasized that our company's advantages over the competition are complex and this makes us particularly optimistic about its development.


Liquid Pro, having chosen products based on excellent manufacturing quality and state-of-the-art technology, is able to provide the best possible solution by serving all the components of any economic and technical implementation assigned to us. The projects, studies and applications department of LIQUIDPRO has qualified staff with academic training and extensive experience in professional audio. With the use of special equipment and software, demanding applications of both sound and lighting are implemented in the best possible way. The organization and specialization of this department reliably ensure the provision of facilities and applications based on integrated solutions at the lowest possible cost. Requirements for sound, lighting, conference equipment and electro-acoustic facilities are covered. Also acoustic and sound insulation studies carried out by the company give the best possible solution for any acoustic criterion. More generally, with the continuous monitoring of cutting-edge technology and training, the Company aims at continuous improvement and differentiation, proposing solutions that ensure the maximum possible degree of performance.

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